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Ami Mini-Movie: "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi"

*In English, "Ami-chan's First Love"

Asleep Bathing Eating

Ami is shown sleeping. She wakes up. Ami's morning routine is shown while her voice narrates. Ami tells us how much she loves reading, how she wakes up early just to have time to read before school. She also says that she loves sandwiches because she can eat them while reading. She then makes her way to school. She says that blue is her favorite color, and that swimming is her favorite sport. She also mentions that Math is her best subject.

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The letter Discovery Violent reaction In school, Ami opens her locker and sees a heart-sealed envelope addressed to her. She picks it up it and screams out loud.

With the girls Laughing Fight stance

Later, the girls get together at the Hikawa Shrine. They tell Ami that they would love to get love letters. Ami laughs and tells them they should all just concentrate on one thing. The girls tell Ami that they know what it is -- studying. Ami wears her eyeglasses tells them that the word love is not in her dictionary at the moment. Ami leafs through a magazine that has the national scores for the practice exams. Ami, codenamed "Mercury", is tied for the number one spot with a certain "Mercurius". Mercury and Mercurius both have perfect scores. Ami assumes that Mercurius must be the new enemy. Everyone thinks that she's over-reacting.

Lost in thoughts More thoughts Taking the challenge Ami thinks that if she takes more practice exams and attends more seminars, she might meet Mercurius. Lost in her thoughts, she says that she has never felt so passionate and that she is thrilled to have a rival. Ami spins around and poses, declaring that she'll take the challenge.

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1998 This page was created by Rowena Lim.
All Artwork by Sailormoon series creator, Naoko Takeuchi.