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The Love-Hate List

*A copy of this list also exists in the Moon Station of Sailormoon CyberCity.


1. She's very intelligent -- an I.Q. of 300!

2. She's a very nice, unassuming girl.

3. She looks soooo pretty in the manga.
Her hair looks so perfect there, etc.

4. She's a good role model for students.

5. She didn't have to exert much effort to
get herself a nice boyfriend -- Ryo.

6. She knows her priorities in life and
strives hard to reach her goals.

7. She's the paragon of humility, and she
doesn't want to compete with others.

8. She's always the underdog.

Sailor Mercury

1. She's TOO intelligent -- an I.Q. of 300?

2. She's just TOO nice most of the time!

3. She's the least attractive one on TV! Her
hair looks like its glued to her head, etc.
(It improves in the later seasons, though.)

4. She always brings up studying no matter
where she is or what the occasion may be.

5. But Ryo isn't even mentioned in the later
seasons... which makes us doubt her lovelife.

6. Her life IS studying... gives the terms
"Nerd" and "Boring" a whole new dimension.

7. She's always 2nd fiddle to everyone else,
and it's largely because her own doing!

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1997 This page was created by Rowena Lim. These are all my opinions and observations.
Sailormoon was created by Naoko Takeuchi.