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Ami's Background

Ami Mizuno hails from a well-to-do family. Her mother is a prominent and successful doctor, and they reside in a mansion. Her father is a travelling artist who sends her his sketches every once in a while.

Blessed with an I.Q. of 300, Ami is the smartest girl in school. She genuinely loves studying. Although her favorite subject is Mathematics, there isn't a subject that she dislikes. She almost left for Germany in order to study but decided not to push through at the last minute.

She is highly driven to excel in her academics due to the fact that she wants desperately to follow her mother's footsteps. As a result, she is too pre-occupied with studying. The constant pressure makes her quite vulnerable to bouts of depression. Still, she always makes time to help out her friends with their academics.

Ever thoughtful and considerate, Ami is very careful when it comes to dealing with people. She cannot live with the idea of burdening others, or hurting other people's feelings. She tends to keep her problems to herself. Compared to her friends, Ami's self-esteem is somewhat on the low end.

Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno
Ami loves swimming. It helps her unwind and relax. She is naturally graceful, perhaps the most graceful of the inner senshi (especially in dancing ^_-). Ami also enjoys intellectual pursuits like reading and playing chess. She has a knack for video games, computers, and even cooking (Ami's cooking is not highlighted as Makoto's is, though).

Promptness is also a virtue of Ami's. She is never late for classes, meetings, and the like.

Although she does not usually show it, Ami is a very sensitive person. Her self-confidence is easily affected by how people respond to her and she usually assumes the worst. There are indications that Ami is close friends with Mamoru Chiba, which makes Usagi jealous. It doesn't help Usagi that Mamoru thinks Ami is pretty.

As nice as Ami is, she knows how to be firm when circumstances call for it. She once slapped a hysterical Sailormoon's cheek (TV Episode 45) in an attempt to bring her back to her senses.

As Sailormercury, she is considered as the brains of the inner senshi. A detailed look at her senshi abilities is in another part of this shrine - The Power of Mercury.

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