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Ami Mini-Movie: "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi"

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Ami reads Surrounded by books Funny expressions

At the shrine, loads of books surround the girls. Mercurius had tied with Ami again. Ami asks the girls what they think Mercurius is like. Ami says she wants to meet him. The girls tell her she's acting like she's in love. Ami tells them that he is her rival. Rei and Usagi wonder how Ami knows it's a guy. They ask Ami about her ideal guy. She says that he should be like Einstein. The girls look at her with a funny expression, and Usagi wonders who Einstein is.

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The plan Ask Umino At the Game Center, Ami's friends are trying to come up with a plan to find out Mercurius' identity. Usagi comes up with the idea of asking Umino about Mercurius. Next day, she asks him about it. It turns out that Mercurius is Umino's friend. Usagi is jubilant.

Ami falls asleep Bonnone Head ride

Meanwhile, Ami falls asleep in the seminar. She awakens long after dismissal and heads for home. A mysterious being follows her. Ami passes a window, someone who's studying inside the building signs the name Mercurius. A strange woman, Bonnone, appears on top of a building and watches Ami. Bonnone declares that Ami's desire will be hers. Unknown to Ami, Bonnone rides on Ami's head all the way home, and Ami gets a headache.

Meeting Mercurius Just as Ami turns around the corner, Umino appears, followed by the girls. Mercurius appears in the doorway and all the girls stare at him, speechless. He greets Umino, who tries to introduce the dumbfounded girls.

Love letters Ami pinned Bye equations Chibi Usa

The next morning, Ami is sick and bed-ridden. She thinks Mercurius is the reason for her condition. Bonnone, who is invisible, throws love letters all over Ami. Ami sits up and screams as the equations she learned evaporate from her mind. Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa arrive outside Ami's house. Usagi wonders whether she should tell Ami about Mercurius, but they hear her screams and rush in. Chibi-usa asks Bonnone who she is, but Ami screams that she is Mercurius! Bonnone protests, but Ami doesn't listen. Ami turns into Sailormercury with a very impressive transformation sequence.

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1998 This page was created by Rowena Lim.
All Artwork by Sailormoon series creator, Naoko Takeuchi.