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Ami's Other Stuff

IMPORTANT: Ami's birthday is on September 10!

Some Ami / Sailormercury downloads:

  1. Volume 1 Act 2: Ami - Sailormercury from the SM Manga in English, as translated by the webmaster. (26.5 Kb, in Microsoft .rtf format)
  2. The Sailormercury Card Pack - Scans of Sailormercury cards. (84 Kb, in .zip format)
  3. The Ami Mizuno Card Pack - coming soon

Do you have any questions or issues regarding Ami / Sailormercury that you would like to discuss or clear-up with other fans? Please feel free to post your concerns / gripes at the SMCC Forum.

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1998 This page was created by Rowena Lim.
All Artwork by Sailormoon series creator, Naoko Takeuchi.