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The Love-Hate List
Sailormercury possesses a certain degree of control over water. She is also the most state-of-the-art senshi, having the most accessories and peripherals used in combination with her attacks. These are not counted with her attack ratings, so she is actually more powerful than we think. Aside from the usual transformation pens and wrist communicators, Sailormercury has the following items:

activate visor
Sailormercury activates her visor by a twist of her right earring. The visor enables her to scan and analyse the environment as well as her enemies.
Sailormercury's visor
Sailormercury has a handheld PC which she uses for analysis, tracking, communication and data processing. It also enhances her visor.
Sailormercury's mini-computer

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Sailormercury's Special Attack: Mercury Aqua Mirage

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The Love-Hate List
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