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Ami Mini-Movie: "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi"

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Mercury Aqua Mirage End of Bonnone Smile!

Bonnone screams. Ami says, "I am the Sailor Soldier of love and exams Sailormercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!". Usagi tries to tell Ami that Bonnone is not Mercurius. Chibi Usa and Mamoru are both awestruck. Sailormercury, despite Bonnone's violent protests, still insist that she is Mercurius. Sailormercury blasts Bonnone with Mercury Aqua Mirage. Bonnone screams that she's not Mercurius, but to no avail. After Bonnone is gone, everything goes back to normal. Sailormercury says that she feels so much better.

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Ami sneaks up Star on the cover Dreamy Ami At the Game Center, the girls decide not to tell Ami about Mercurius, Ami pops up behind them, scaring Usagi and Makoto. Ami asks what Mercurius is like. Usagi says that he's like the star on the magazine. Ami grabs the magazine and says she had imagined him to be like that... a young Einstein.

Usagi remembers the actual Mercurius, who is a green-haired version of Umino. She wonders what would happen if Ami found out. Makoto wonders why he uses the alias Mercurius. Usagi explains that since his real name is Sumi Kurume, Mercurius is like a re-mixed version of Sumi Kurume.

Ami frustrated Funny friends Ami stands Ami runs

At the shrine, Ami can't figure out how Mercurius is still tying her exam scores. Usagi tries to explain, but Ami interrupts her and tells her not to worry because she would take care of him. Ami runs up the stairs and shouts that she'll keep on doing her best.

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All Artwork by Sailormoon series creator, Naoko Takeuchi.